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As Joint Co-Founder and CEO of Neutral Space Relaxation®, Lyn is focused on all the aspects of Education and Training, as a Relaxation Specialist, Facilitator/Practitioner and Presenter within the Company.  Lyn is a Professional Fine Artist, Tutor, Facilitator of  Self Development Workshops over many years. Neutral Space  Relaxation® has proved invaluable, as knowing how to present, and remain calm to incresingly larger audiences, is a fine art indeed!

Lyn is offering Neutral Space sessions, Corporate Packages, Training and Education Seminars,  and focusing on areas such as  eliminating ' Stress in the Workplace'..

Background Information:

Neutral Space Relaxation® was created as a concept in 2007. Neutral Space Limited was formed on Jun 21st, 2011,

Since July 2012, we have launched the Neutral Space Training and Education programme, giving presentations and Intro  Days along with 3 day Practitioner Trainings in London, Devon, Dorset, West Sussex,  and Somerset. (If there are no Courses scheduled in your area please ask as we will attend your area if a group is interested).

With the ability to hold the space for this specific type of Neutral-Space Relaxation ® Education and Training it continually proves to be benifical, especially in stress reduction and learning how to be more relaxed.

The Education and Training Neutral-Space provides can be applied to Corporate Groups, and other Groups, as it is fundamental to each of us to be able enjoy our working and personal lives.  The training can be taken as an adventure to discover the deep levels of relaxation for yourself, to learn how to manage stress, or to share with your friends and family., Or to become a Practitioner or Facilitator yourself with us. Please apply for more information.

Beneficial for anyone who feels they need to diminish Stress levels down to a healthy and positive level.

Our courses are Accredited with the IPHM. International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

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