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If you are in need of self nuture, peace, calmness, of creating time and space to be yourself, of a need to bring about balance when the scales have been tipped one way or the other for far too long, you will need to be reassured by knowing that a Neutral-Space practitioner can help you relax reconnect and recover from any imbalance that may be occuring in your life now, when booking the session you will know that the person who you will working with has the confidence and calmness to help you completely relax to a level that you may be able to recall as a distant memory. Relaxation is 'Key' and they will be using there skill to acheive, a state of balance and harmony, within you, that is paramount in these times and is a place of your own inner power which provides a place of pure potential.

This is a new way of working, solely to bring about relaxation, complete relaxation of the whole body, using ancient techniques to relax your body to the ideal levels for reconnection. Have you heard the expression "I am beside myself with.....anger / rage/ guilt", the skill of the Neutral-Space practitioner will be used to encourage your body into a relaxed state and allow you to release and integrate, (to lose the beside yourself feelings).

The training that the Practitioner has been given will allow the them to, relax any tension ,in the Arms Legs, Back, if fact from any part of ones’ body. They will always take into account, all of your body even when working with ...say just a shoulder tension. The Procedure for the session is natural simple but the training is thorough. Practitioners are trained to be calm and cosiderate and respectful towards the client's needs and welfare, you  will see a person who is capable and unflustered, someone who holds 'Neutral-space within themselves.

"Relaxation is 'Key'"

"ancient techniques"

"confidence and calmness"

A working Professional Practitioner